BEST Tower

Elevating ATC Tower Simulation to New Heights

Elevate your ATC training with BEST Tower, a pivotal element of Micro Nav's simulator suite. BEST Tower brings unparalleled realism to controller training, seamlessly integrating into both civil and military sectors. Its detailed scenarios and immersive simulations offer an unmatched training experience.

Envision a training environment where every scenario is as real as it gets. BEST Tower is that environment, bridging the gap between simulation and operational readiness.

With its advanced features, BEST Tower is more than just a simulator; it's a training revolution. It's a tool that transforms the way controllers learn and operate, setting new benchmarks in ATC training.

BEST Tower is not just a product; it's a partner in achieving excellence in air traffic control training and operations.

Core Capabilities


A high-fidelity 3D environment

Offers a detailed, immersive 3D view from the ATC Tower, enhancing realism in training.


Flexible 2D and 3D display options

Supports both 2D and 3D display capabilities, catering to diverse training needs.


Comprehensive scenario editor

Enables the creation and customisation of training scenarios with various environmental conditions.


Dynamic aircraft and vehicle movement

Realistic simulation of all ground and air movements, improving situational awareness.


Advanced weather simulation

Includes detailed weather conditions for a more realistic training environment.


Customisable airfield models

Ability to modify and adapt airfield models for specific training requirements.


Realistic lighting and visual effects

Accurate day, night, and transitional lighting effects for comprehensive training.


Emergency and unusual situations

Simulates a wide range of emergency scenarios for robust training experiences.


ATC communications interface

Facilitates realistic ATC communications for comprehensive training sessions.


Integrated analytics and feedback tools

Provides instructors with tools to assess and enhance trainee performance.

Expanding the Scope of BEST Tower

BEST Tower's reputation for training air traffic controllers is just the beginning. This section highlights additional integrated features that elevate BEST Tower's capabilities. From advanced 3D modelling to innovative display technologies, these enhancements not only enrich training scenarios but also contribute to the overall functionality of BEST Tower, demonstrating its expanded utility in the wider context of air traffic control simulation.

Taking Simulation Further

At the forefront of Air Traffic Control simulation, Micro Nav's partnerships with ADB Safegate and Indra epitomise our innovative approach to simulator development. Our digital tower solutions redefine air traffic management by integrating real-world data feeds, including simulated camera streams. This approach, recognised for innovation in the CANSO ATM awards, transforms traditional ATC operations. By spearheading the development of advanced digital tower technology, Micro Nav is setting new standards in the power of simulators in operational environments, marking a significant leap forward in the digitalisation of air traffic control.

Indra 1

Cutting-edge image generation technology

BEST Tower's advanced image generation technology delivers exceptional air traffic control tower training through its proprietary 3D image generation (3D IG) software. This system uses Vulkan API for high-performance, efficient 3D graphics, ensuring realistic simulations. It includes a global model with accurate topographical and coastline data, supplemented by high-resolution satellite imagery for photorealistic environments. Users can adjust visuals to emulate real-world locations, with highly detailed views and various frame rate options.

03 1

Enhancing realism with 3D Create

BEST 3D Create offers a comprehensive suite of 3D modelling tools, allowing users to enhance their BEST 3D environments. It includes the Fast Airport Builder for creating and adjusting airport layouts, and real-time quick editing tools like Scene Editor and Aircraft Editor for modifying scenery, buildings, and aircraft. This suite enables users to accurately prototype and evaluate layout and infrastructure changes in simulated environments.

Heathrow View Hi Res Cmyk

Advanced display technologies for exceptional fidelity

Working with leading industry suppliers, Micro Nav's display solutions offer unparalleled visual fidelity for ATC simulations. High-resolution monitors provide sharp, intricate details, while our expansive projectors offer a panoramic training vista. Both systems feature state-of-the-art alignment technologies, with monitors utilising our Geometry Correction System and projectors enhanced by our patented Automatic Display Alignment System (ADAS), ensuring a seamless and immersive experience.

5 1

Got questions about BEST Tower? Find your answers here

What unique training features does BEST Tower offer?

BEST Tower provides a highly realistic 3D environment for ATC tower simulation, including detailed weather effects, emergency scenarios, and versatile lighting controls for comprehensive training experiences.

Can BEST Tower be customised for specific training needs?

Yes, BEST Tower boasts extensive customisation options, including a wide range of aircraft and vehicle models, allowing it to adapt to diverse training requirements and operational scenarios.

How does BEST Tower enhance the realism of simulations?

The software includes advanced 3D and 2D creation tools, enabling users to build and modify realistic airport environments and control tower settings, significantly enhancing simulation realism.

Is BEST Tower suitable for both training and operational planning?

Absolutely. BEST Tower's versatile features not only make it ideal for training air traffic controllers but also for operational planning and testing in real-world scenarios.

How does BEST Tower cater to different skill levels in ATC training?

BEST Tower is designed for a range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced controllers, with adjustable complexity in scenarios and environmental settings to match training requirements.

Does BEST Tower support emergency and unusual scenario simulations?

Indeed, it includes comprehensive functionalities for simulating a full breadth of emergency and unusual scenarios, aiding in thorough preparedness training.

What advancements can we expect in the future for BEST Tower?

Continued enhancements in realism, customisation, and integration capabilities are at the heart of what we do, ensuring BEST Tower remains at the forefront of ATC simulation technology.


Ready to learn more about BEST Tower?

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