Expanding BEST's Capabilities

Introducing Our Additional Tools

Unlock the full potential of the BEST Simulator Suite with our additional tools centred around environment creation, auditory enhancement and remote capability. These tools are engineered to seamlessly complement and enhance our core products - BEST Tower, BEST Radar, and BEST Insights. Together, they forge an ecosystem that offers an unparalleled simulation experience.

Our environment tools revolutionise simulator modelling, allowing users to craft detailed, realistic 3D scenarios. Our Auditory tools introduce advanced communication capabilities, vital for realistic Air Traffic Control simulations. Meanwhile, remote capability expands the reach of simulation and training, offering flexibility and access like never before.

By integrating these tools, users can elevate their training and operational processes, harnessing a synergy that drives efficiency, realism, and adaptability. These additional tools are not just add-ons but integral components that enhance and complete the BEST Simulator Suite experience.

Elevating 3D Environments in BEST

Our environment creation tools offer unparalleled capability in crafting immersive Air Traffic Control environments. BEST 3D Create's proprietary 3D Image Generation (3D IG) software utilising the Vulkan API delivers high-performance, efficient 3D graphics. It includes a global model with accurate topography supplemented by high-resolution imagery for lifelike simulations. Users can adjust visuals, matching real-world objects and locations with detailed views in various resolutions. This toolset is instrumental in enhancing the realism and effectiveness of ATC training, offering an immersive experience through a detailed, highly configurable world.

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Core Capabilities

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Enhanced Realism & Detail

Provides detailed 3D modelling capabilities, enabling realistic airport and airspace environments, and enhancing the training experience.


Customisable scenarios

Allows for the customisation of unlimited scenarios, including weather conditions and time of day, offering versatility in training exercises.


Efficient tools for design

Includes user-friendly design tools for quick and efficient creation and modification of 3D environments, saving time and resources.

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Accurate topographical data

Features accurate topographical data and high-resolution satellite imagery, ensuring geographically realistic simulations.


Dynamic lighting and weather effects

Offers dynamic lighting and weather effects, adding greater complexity and realism to an organisation's training scenarios.

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Real-world simulation

Supports the adjustment of visuals to emulate real-world objects, providing diverse perspectives and experiences.

Integrated voice communication solutions

Our speech recognition tools represent a significant advancement in realistic ATC simulation communication. Micro Nav offers a comprehensive, integrated speech recognition system, enhancing air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communications within simulations. This system is designed for high fidelity and minimal latency, ensuring an authentic experience. We also include a versatile editor for customising communication panels, reflecting real operational systems and providing a truly immersive and accurate simulation environment for training air traffic controllers.

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Core Capabilities


Realistic communication

Enables highly realistic air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communications, enhancing the authenticity of ATC simulations.

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Customisable comms panels

Offers user-customisable panels, allowing operators to replicate live operational systems for tailored training experiences.


Minimal latency

Provides efficient, minimal latency in voice communications, ensuring smooth and realistic interactions during simulations.


Flexible configuration

Supports flexible configuration options, adapting to the diverse training and operational needs of an organisation.


Seamless Integration

Delivered as a core element within the BEST ATC simulator, enhancing overall system cohesiveness.

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Advanced Noise Effects

Incorporates realistic background noise effects, like cockpit sounds or radio interference, to improve the realism of simulations.

Proven remote training flexibility

Backed by over a decade of proven usability, Micro Nav's remote capability offers diverse access options, including Remote Connect (VPN-based) and Remote Cloud (Virtual Desktop-based). This variety ensures robust and flexible remote training capabilities, catering to different operational needs. Whether connecting multiple sites for collaborative training or providing cloud-based infrastructure for wide accessibility, Micro Nav makes ATC training more versatile and efficient, breaking geographical barriers and streamlining the training process.

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Core Capabilities

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Global training capabilities

Enables seamless remote simulations, connecting users and enhancing training accessibility.


Reduced simulator operator requirements

Sharing simulator operators across locations minimises numbers and optimises resource allocation.

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Enhanced security and connectivity

Uses VPN and cloud-based solutions for secure, stable connections, ensuring reliable training sessions.


Flexible infrastructure

Adapts to various hardware and network environments, allowing for tailored setups.

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Real-time collaboration

Facilitates collaborative training scenarios and integrates with different ATC environments.


Cost-effective & time-saving

Reduces travel and logistics costs, making training more efficient and economically viable.