Micro Nav

Pioneering air traffic control simulation

As a forefront developer of advanced Air Traffic Control simulation systems, Micro Nav combines cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions for global clients.

Empowering the future of safe and efficient air traffic:

Micro Nav is dedicated to enhancing global air traffic safety and proficiency through our advanced simulation systems. Our mission is to equip air navigation service providers, military organisations, and aviation training institutions with unparalleled technology and solutions. We strive to develop the world's best-trained air traffic controllers, ensuring they are prepared to meet the evolving demands of air traffic management with excellence and precision.

By continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and service, Micro Nav aims to set the global benchmark for quality, reliability, and advancement in air traffic control solutions, contributing significantly to the future of safe and efficient airspace management worldwide.

Micro Nav & Sustainability: Commitment to a Greener Future

At Micro Nav, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our innovative products. We are actively engaged in promoting sustainable aviation through our advanced simulation technologies. Our BEST Insights tool empowers our customers to explore and validate new infrastructure systems and tools, playing a pivotal role in guiding the next generation of Air Traffic Controllers towards operations that are not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.
Our efforts align with global sustainable aviation initiatives, like CANSO Green ATM and Fly Net Zero, aiding in assessing operational impacts on the environment. By fostering cleaner, greener, and quieter aviation practices, we contribute to the essential drive for sustainability in the air traffic management sector.


Partnering with Oblong Trees: Planting for the planet

Micro Nav is proud to partner with Oblong Trees, an organisation committed to environmental restoration and biodiversity improvement through tree planting. Oblong Trees' mission is crucial in combating climate change by planting and nurturing trees in the UK and globally. Their approach involves collaborating with responsible landowners and volunteers to plant various native species, creating diverse ecosystems that support wildlife and stabilise natural habitats.
This partnership reflects our dedication to environmental sustainability, allowing us to global initiatives. Each Micro Nav employee plants 24-48 trees per year through this scheme.