Micro Nav Awarded Contract to Upgrade Guyana Civil Aviation Authority's BEST Tower Simulator

Micro Nav is thrilled to be strengthening our longstanding partnership with the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) through the award of a contract to upgrade their existing BEST simulator setup, reaffirming our ongoing commitment to training excellence and the safety of Guyana’s skies.

“This will provide the GCAA with an enhanced simulation platform to support growth and continue to deliver the most immersive training and simulation experience,” said Shane Hannam, Sales Director of Micro Nav.

The upgrade includes a comprehensive hardware overhaul, transitioning to an immersive 4K visual display system, and upgrading existing 3D airport models. In addition, Micro Nav will supply the all-new BEST Tower Foundation platform for tower and radar training, including a simulator operator position.

The upgraded system will deliver onsite refresher training, ensuring value continuation from GCAA’s simulator investment.

“We are confident that the enhanced BEST simulator will provide the GCAA with the tools it needs to continue training its ATCOs to the highest standards into the future,” said Shane Hannam, “and we are committed to working in collaboration with the GCAA to ensure that the upgrade is a success.”