The BEST solution for civil aviation

Revolutionising air traffic control operations & training

Embrace the future of air traffic control with Micro Nav's BEST simulator suite, a state-of-the-art solution for civil aviation customers and ANSPs.

Tailored to the evolving needs of civil aviation, our suite offers an unparalleled experience for training, blending advanced simulation technology with real-world scenarios. This ensures a comprehensive learning platform, preparing ATCs for the complexities of modern airspace management.

With BEST, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced, setting new ATC training and performance standards. 

In addition to training capabilities, the BEST simulator suite is a tool for operational excellence. It integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, enhancing day-to-day air traffic management operations.

With its scalable design and customisable features, BEST adapts to various civil aviation needs, from small regional airports to large international hubs.

Micro Nav is committed to advancing ATC operations and training, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation in civil aviation.

Core capabilities of BEST for civil aviation organisations


Multi-faceted operational tool

Serves as an essential validation tool for stakeholders, ideal for formulating and testing new procedures across various operational domains.


Achieve training excellence

Vital for development and evaluation, providing an immersive and measurable environment for successful training in line with developmental objectives.


Minimise operational risks and delays

Enables seamless integration with daily operations, minimising risk to downstream services and operational disruption.


Compliance with regulations

Ensures the development of a safe and efficient ATC operation, fully aligned with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Boost ongoing performance

Enhances skills in realistic scenarios, including refresher training and emergency response, to maintain and elevate core competencies.


Cost-effective operations

Improves efficiency and reduces training and operational costs, offering a financially advantageous solution for ANSPs.

How does BEST benefit you?


Real-time data and scenario updates

Enables rapid, data-driven scenario updates, maximising automation capabilities and training relevance.


Cloud-based flexibility

Offers cloud-based simulation options, ensuring accessibility and scalability for diverse operational needs.

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Advanced data analytics

Provides insights into student performance and air traffic data, essential for improvements.


Customisable simulation

Offers tailored simulation experiences, meeting training needs and operational requirements.

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A research & development tool

Acts as a powerful platform for R&D, testing new ATC technologies and procedures in a safe environment.


Global network and interconnectivity

Supports wide-area network training, connecting multiple sites for integrated simulator sessions.

Comprehensive ATC scenario training

The BEST simulator suite provides extensive, customisable training scenarios, encompassing enroute, approach, and tower operations. This feature supports a safe and controlled training environment, allowing controllers to practice and refine their skills. By accurately reflecting the challenges of real-world ATC, the suite prepares controllers for a diverse range of situations, enhancing overall operational safety and efficiency.

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Cloud-based flexibility and real-time updates

BEST's cloud-based training options and real-time data update capabilities represent a leap forward in ATC training technology. This flexibility ensures that training is accessible and relevant, with the ability to adapt quickly to evolving ATC scenarios and regulations. Cloud technology also enables remote access to training, maximising convenience and minimising infrastructure requirements.

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Advanced data analytics

BEST Insights is designed to enhance the training of air traffic controllers, offering rich data-driven insights which elevate the learning experience. Training session replays with integrated instructor feedback may be viewed on any device, including remotely. The powerful features of BEST Insights also make it a versatile, familiar tool that can be used for operational analysis.

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Dedicated support for civil aviation organisations

Micro Nav's expert support services are specifically tailored for civil aviation clients, ensuring optimal performance in the complex field of ATC simulation. Our team, proficient in air traffic control and civil aviation simulations, offers advanced software maintenance and customised training. These services are designed to meet civil aviation's unique demands and operational requirements, ensuring seamless and efficient functioning of your ATC systems in diverse scenarios.

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Targeted simulator training for civil aviation professionals

Training for the BEST simulator suite blends foundational knowledge with advanced operational features. In our specialised training studio, we replicate realistic aviation scenarios, enhancing the learning experience. Catering to novices and seasoned professionals, our on-site training facilities provide an immersive environment to master the suite's functionalities and applications, maximising the value and operational efficacy of our solutions for civil aviation.


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