Expert support for your air traffic control simulation needs

Micro Nav’s customer support is tailored to the specific journey of operating and optimising air traffic control simulation systems.

We provide a range of services that go beyond standard assistance. Our expert team is committed to your operational success, offering everything from advanced software maintenance to bespoke training. We understand the importance of reliable support in this dynamic field and are dedicated to ensuring your systems operate smoothly and efficiently.

Flexible Support Packages

Micro Nav offers three standard tiered support packages, each designed for specific customer needs. We also offer flexibility in agreeing bespoke, tailored packages on a customer-by-customer basis. Our support options provide a structured yet adaptable framework from essential maintenance to more comprehensive support. They also ensure customer investment in their simulator is secured with regular software updates. This approach allows us to align our support services closely with your operational requirements, ensuring you receive the most effective and relevant assistance for your BEST simulator suite.

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Proven Technical Expertise

At Micro Nav, our proven technical expertise is the cornerstone of our support services. Backed by extensive experience in Air Traffic Control simulation, our team provides robust support, ensuring your systems are maintained at peak performance and enhanced for maximum efficiency. Our expertise translates into reliable, high-quality assistance for every aspect of your simulation needs.

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Unrivalled support, unmatched benefits.

Discover just some of the benefits of Micro Nav's customer support services. Designed to enhance your experience and maximise the value of your investment, our support packages ensure that expert help is always within reach.


24/7 helpdesk support

Gain peace of mind with our 24/7 help desk, offering continuous, reliable support to address any queries or concerns.


Direct expert access

Directly access our expert support personnel, who bring a wealth of knowledge for quick and effective problem-solving.


Rapid issue resolution

Experience swift and efficient issue resolution, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal operational efficiency.


Remote diagnostic tools

Utilise our advanced remote diagnostic tools for quick and precise issue identification, leading to faster resolution.


User forum engagement

Connect with our active user community in the forum for shared insights, tips, and peer-driven support solutions.


Exclusive user events

Benefit from our exclusive user group events, offering unique opportunities for networking, learning, and direct feedback.


Comprehensive training

Receive extensive training tailored to your needs, ensuring you fully understand and leverage your system's capabilities.


Personalised customer care

Enjoy personalised customer care tailored to your specific needs, enhancing your overall experience with our solutions.


Ready for Enhanced Support?

Questions about our support packages? If you're looking for detailed information on our support tiers, need advice on the best package for your needs, or have any other queries, our expert support team is here to assist. Reach out today to ensure your simulator system is always at peak performance.