BEST Insights

Delivering Transformative ATC Analytics

Maximise the power of the BEST simulator suite with BEST Insights, your key to unlocking extensive data from each and every simulator session.
As we steer towards a future of data-driven decisions, BEST Insights empowers you to forge ahead with a well-informed, analytics-backed path. From kickstarting your data journey to seamlessly weaving BEST Insights into your operational blueprint, customers stand to revolutionise training outcomes and modernise operational processes. 
With BEST Insights, you’ll be able to visualise key session data and understand the performance of your controllers, instructors, airspace, and overall organisation. BEST Insights also allows you to strengthen training and real-world outcomes through analysis of simulator and operational data in one convenient interface. 
Foresee, train, and equip your organisation for the future of Air Traffic Control training and operational challenges.

Core Capabilities


A data analytics powerhouse

Provides comprehensive insights into student performance and air traffic data, essential for operational improvements.


Session event recording

Records detailed simulation events with accurate timestamps and aircraft tagging, providing a granular view of each training session.


3D visualisation

View exercises and event-driven instructor feedback in an accessible 3D replay dashboard for retrospective viewing.


Immediate analysis

Facilitates the immediate analysis of simulation data via the instructor debrief tool, providing immediate insights into student progress and exercise outcomes.


Comprehensive data analysis

Automatically logs extensive simulation data, creating a rich resource for data analysis and trend identification.


Compatibility with external tools

BEST Insights offers comprehensive API access, allowing for data to be extracted into third-party systems.

BEST Beyond Training

BEST Insights is designed to enhance the training of air traffic controllers, offering rich data-driven insights which elevate the learning experience. Training session replays with integrated instructor feedback may be viewed on any device, including remotely. The powerful features of BEST Insights also make it a versatile, familiar tool that can be used for operational analysis.

Cultivating a cleaner, greener, and quieter aviation future

BEST Insights has the capacity to steer a greener future in aviation by equipping the next generation of controllers with environmental metrics during training. For ATCOs in training, analysing factors like track miles flown, fuel burn, and optimal flight profiles would foster an understanding of sustainable ATC operations. With an eye on initiatives like CANSO Green ATM, BEST Insights can empower organisations to examine and track environmental gains and losses within their operational environment.

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Empowering Instructors and Beyond

BEST Insights is a game-changer for instructors. Our digitised instructor feedback form and instructor feedback tool revolutionise the review process to facilitate precise, actionable feedback for students. Not only is BEST Insights transformative for instructors, but also for a wide range of roles. Exercise Data Creators can optimise scenarios, Sim Managers can gauge team metrics, and Training Managers can pinpoint learning opportunities.

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Accelerating Innovation With Rapid Prototyping

With the addition of BEST Insights, now more than ever, BEST is an operational powerhouse, helping boost efficiency and cut costs. When used for rapid prototyping, the data generated by BEST Insights can aid organisations in testing, optimising, and validating changes to their airspace, ATC procedures, and infrastructure changes. BEST Insights promotes readiness for real-world implementation.

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Got questions about BEST Insights? Find your answers here

How does BEST Insights support instructor-led training?

BEST Insights provides instructors and students with powerful tools to analyse training performance, offering a digital feedback view that will enhance the learning experience.

Can BEST Insights help identify training needs?

Yes, the data collected by BEST Insights can highlight areas where students require additional support, enabling targeted improvements in training programs.

What kind of metrics does BEST Insights offer?

BEST Insights has a flexible and scalable architecture, allowing for specific customer-focused metrics to be created, ranging from individual performance to operational efficiency measurements.

How does BEST Insights integrate with third-party systems?

BEST Insights is designed to be compatible with common third-party data analysis tools. API documentation is available upon request.

Does BEST Insights aid our environmental impact assessments?

Yes, by capturing detailed simulation and operational data, BEST Insights can help organisations assess and track the environmental impact of air traffic control operations.

How does BEST Insights contribute to procedure validation and optimisation?

By analysing simulation data, BEST Insights can help organisations test and refine ATC procedures and infrastructure changes before implementation in an operational environment.

What does the future of BEST Insights look like?

Our roadmap for BEST Insights is one of continuous improvements and iterative innovation. Developments are ongoing for the integration of additional performance metrics and learning technologies for advanced data analysis. Ongoing development will be driven by customer feedback and industry trends to keep pace with the evolving needs of Air Traffic Control training and operations.


Ready to Learn More About BEST Insights?

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