Successful Site Acceptance of BEST Tower Simulator at RAF Odiham

Micro Nav is proud to be selected as the ATC simulator provider at the inception of the RAF’s Project HERA. This initiative will see ATCOs within the Service able to maintain essential qualifications and high standards using aerodrome simulators.

Micro Nav was able to effect an efficient turnaround on the project with successful site acceptance of its BEST Tower simulator at RAF Odiham in 30 days from the contract being awarded. Training is now underway, with the simulator receiving interest from senior RAF controllers.

The BEST Tower simulator will allow for greater flexibility with ATCO training available on demand, without aircrew having to incur extra logistical costs for controllers to maintain their skills. In addition to the valuable unit-level training, this simulator helps to reduce environmental impact, contributing to the RAF’s Net Zero 2040 Commitment.

Micro Nav looks forward to supporting a successful proof-of-concept period and continued cooperation with the RAF.