Quadrant Reaches 25-Year Landmark

In July 1994, David Coghlan and Jeff Sandiford founded Quadrant Systems, which has been in the Aviation Training and Simulation Business for 25 years.

Quadrant started by acquiring certain assets from Ceselsa of Spain (now INDRA) in their subsidiary ASDL based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK. This included acquiring B727 and B747 Flight Simulators and taking on the Building Lease and 16 skilled Employees.

The Business developed over the early years with Simulator Dry Hire, Relocations, Updates and Manufacturing Services. Today, four Flight Simulators are operational at Burgess Hill; two are used for Dry and Wet Training, and two are on Housing and Maintenance Contracts.

In 2000, Quadrant had a major breakthrough with the award by the UK Ministry of Defence of the E-3D AWACS PFI aircrew training programme (together with our then partners Evans & Sutherland, now Collins Aerospace). This is a £60M+ Contract running for 25-30 years. The Training Service, managed by Quadrant, was established at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, UK and has successfully trained RAF pilots and other aircrew for over 18 years.

Another key development in 2004 was the start-up of Quadrant Simulation Systems, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida, USA. This Company has progressed to become the undisputed global world leader in Flight Simulator Relocations today. It has strong Manufacturing Services and Visual Support Programmes in its portfolio.

The acquisition of Micro Nav Limited, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK, in 2012 enabled Quadrant to diversify into the Air Traffic Control Simulation Business. Micro Nav is a global leader in its marketplace with its BEST Simulator Suite plus Air Battle Management Simulators.

Quadrant has also been developing its new INTERACT Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment (SATCE) Product designed to deliver the “missing link” in the Flight Simulator. Several INTERACT systems have now been integrated with OEM and Customer Simulators for evaluation, and the INTERACT Product is expected to play a key role in the future of the Company.

Quadrant has reached £25M in annual Revenues at the 25-year mark. Charting a pathway through the past 25 years has been challenging, as the margin for error in the Training and simulation business is small.

However, plans have been pursued with determination and a strong belief in successful outcomes.

It seems appropriate to pause and reflect on this important milestone, and the Board of Directors of Quadrant would very much like to record its thanks and appreciation of the contribution to the Company over the years from all its Stakeholders:

Events are being held at all locations within the Company to celebrate 25 years in Business.

Quadrant has strong Business Plans in place for the future in all areas of the Company and looks forward to the next stage of growth with confidence.