Micro Nav is Proud to Offset Carbon Through Tree Planting

With our partners, Oblong Trees, a not-for-profit charity organisation, Micro Nav will plant approximately 3,000 trees worldwide in 2023.

“Planting trees is the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. Trees store pollutants such as carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere.” — Oblong Trees

In various projects which will re-wild, restore & improve biodiversity, our tree planting activities are funded by Micro Nav donations per employee with an option for our staff to match that contribution, which many have chosen to do.

In addition, we are giving our customers an option to offset carbon emissions during their projects.

We encourage our customers to utilise Micro Nav simulators to enable their sustainable aviation aspirations and to inspire the next generation of air traffic controllers to adopt greener, quieter and cleaner ATC techniques.