Frequentis Orthogon and Micro Nav Enhance Air Traffic Control Training and Simulation with Combined Tool

Modern simulation controller working position enhances training.

Frequentis Orthogon and Micro Nav have joined forces to offer the next generation of simulation controller working positions (SimCWP) to increase the efficiency of air traffic controller (ATCO) training. It offers the highest flexibility in aligning with operational and contingency equipment for en-route and approach simulation.

SimCWP offers a flexible controller working position (CWP) for air traffic control (ATC) simulation and training. The state-of-the-art system allows a simulated CWP to closely mimic any operational CWP, allowing for more real-life training scenarios to be carried out and the opportunity to shorten the transition from initial training to operational duty.

The solution is based on Frequentis Orthogon’s ODS™ Open Platform, which supports human-machine interfaces for safety-critical applications. It allows SimCWP, driven by Micro Nav’s state-of-the-art ATC simulator, BEST (Beginning to End for Simulation and Training), to efficiently adapt a CWP to mirror an operational CWP.

“Micro Nav and Frequentis are aligned in our vision for best-in-class solutions, whilst ensuring our customers enjoy a high return on investment and operational flexibility from the systems we deliver. Air Traffic Simulation has made a technology life cycle leap through our collaboration, and we are proud to be the ones driving our industry forward,“ says Greg Pile, Managing Director at Micro Nav.

Combining BEST and SimCWP offers increased efficiency in ATCO training by enabling the most reliable and exact training program. It also provides training of specific situations in a simulated environment, including congested air space or emergencies, which is of great value for operational preparedness. In addition, SimCWP allows new operational procedures or prototyping to be evaluated and tested for CWP visualisation and interaction capabilities.

“Frequentis Orthogon and Micro Nav share mutual values in providing the best possible solution to customers upon listening to their challenges and fully understanding their requirements. Our teams of professionals with expertise in ATM and ATC simulation and decades of experience provide the next level in surveillance simulation,” says Frank Köhne, Managing Director of Frequentis Orthogon.

SimCWP will be available to view and trial during the World ATM Congress in Madrid, 26-28 October 2021.