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Training at Babcock RNAS Soars With BEST Simulator 

Babcock RNAS Yeovilton approached Micro Nav looking to expand their training for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat with a focus on equipment and procedural efficacy. 

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Helicopter and Fighter Control Simulator with Maritime Display

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Before installing Micro Nav's BEST simulator, Babcock RNAF Yeovilton had relied on static training material for training pilots and controllers. One of their core requirements for a simulator was to obtain a practical training solution that catered to specific war games, providing students with a more hands-on experience in engaging enemy fighters and deciding on the most appropriate course of action.

More specific training objectives included training aircrew officers appointed to CVS, LPH, and LPD as Lt Cdr f, f2, or AVO, as well as other RN and RFA officers appointed as OVOs on multi-spot platforms. 

  • The simulator has allowed students to practice more effectively and get hands-on with trying different tactics to achieve their set goal.


    Graham Martin

    Engineering Training Design manager

During installation, specific adaptations were made to fighter control within the BEST simulator to support requirements to conduct war games. Once the installation was complete, pilots and controllers quickly adapted to their new training tool, which mostly consisted of maritime radar and communications panels; all the customer had to do was configure a circuit before commencing the training session. 

The Results


After 14 years, Micro Nav's BEST simulator remains the only simulator deployed for training by RNAS Babcock 


The simulator has not proven too complicated in its use for pilots and controllers 


The simulator has allowed Babcock to create a catalogue of realistic training scenarios invaluable to students as they work towards future examinations and real-world practice 


Easy integration and installation of the simulator solution  


The simulator has proven invaluable in training staff towards relevant Royal Navy qualifications by providing a practical and engaging training tool 


The simulator has been adopted for additional use cases, such as demonstrating the functionality of fighter control to external military personnel