BEST for Integrated Communications and Voice

The integrated voice communication system provides all the communication facilities for Controllers, Pilots, Supervisors and Instructors. Specifically these are radio-telephone transmission, intercoms (standard and latched), and telephones (direct dial and PABX).

The user is presented with a touch screen comms panel such as that shown below. These can be default comms panel templates or bespoke emulations of specific operational communications panels.

The Comms Panel is the runtime application that provides the comms facilities at BEST working positions when a simulation exercise is run.

A Comms Panel Configuration Utility is used to create and configure the Comms Panels. Using a visual interface the user can create Comms Panels and define the links (direct lines and intercoms) between them. The user can create any number of comms panels and create groups of comms panels. When an exercise circuit is created a group of comms panels is selected and the comms panels within that group are distributed to the BEST positions within the circuit. The comms panel also supports crash panel functionality.

 Comms Panel
Voice Recognition

The voice recognition system (VRS) is used to train controllers to issue air traffic commands to prescribed standards. The commands recognised by the system can be edited, as can the accuracy level required for recognition. The user can enter alternative pronunciations for words to accommodate for different accents.

When running an exercise, the controller issues ATC commands to a flight and the VRS responds with the appropriate reply to the recognised command using a synthetic voice. Where the issued command is recognised by the VRS the aircraft will perform the associated action.