BEST Training Aids

The BEST system provides a number of aids that assist in the training of the controller students. These features are described below.

Radar Training Instructor Facilities

An instructor will either occupy a dedicated instructor position or sit alongside an individual student controller. When sat alongside a student controller the instructor has a headset connected to the student position that allows the students communications to be monitored. In addition, the instructor can transmit an ATC command over the current frequency that is heard by both student and pilots. The instructor can also transmit a command to a specified pilot that cannot be heard by the student controller. General advice and instructions will be spoken directly to the student.

At a dedicated instructor position the instructor is able to 'tag' a significant event during an exercise. Typically these events would have a training value, such as a flight straying into a restricted airspace. All exercises can be saved as a replay and run subsequently in a classroom session. The instructor can jump to the event tags within the exercise to discuss those events of training interest.

The instructor can use a scratch pad feature that allows him/her to indicate a point of interest or draw on the display of a specified controller position. The instructor can add accompanying text message to the indicator/drawing. The scratch pad feature is available when running a replay and can be used to indicate flights or regions of training interest.

Remote Display and Audio Monitoring

A audio monitoring feature is available that allows an instructor to view the display of up to 12 controller displays as thumbnails and listen to the comms at all or any one position. The instructor can elect to show a particular display in a full screen view if required.

Reporting Significant Events

A reporting feature is available that reports significant events as they occur in the exercise. A scripted command determines which events are reported and can include leaving or entering and airway, area or volume, aircraft has taken off or landed, loss of separation, air miss detected, entered a restricted area, and others.  Where a replay of the exercise has been saved, the events associated with the exercise can be displayed for use in an exercise debriefing session.

Pilot Playing the Adjacent FIR Controller Role

It is possible to display a prompt at a pilot position that details the information required by the receiving controller to correlate an inbound flight from an adjacent FIR. This allows the pilot to play the role of an adjacent controller and contact the receiving controller and relay the required inbound flight information. This facility reduces the required staffing levels.