BEST for Evaluation, Design and Testing

The BEST system can be run in a stand-alone capacity. This allows the creator of the radar exercise to assess if the exercise created meets the training requirement. Where an exercise enhancement is required, the exercise creator can make a change and run the exercise to certify the change meets the training requirement. During this process training circuits can still be run at the remaining BEST positions.

The 3D airspace and associated models can be evaluated in a number of ways. The FAB (Fast Airport Builder) application is used to create the airfield and associated features. This includes runways, taxiways, 3D models of buildings, windsocks, hold points and stop bars. Once the airfield has been generated, a low resolution version can be sent to the 3D IG (Image Generator) for evaluation. A low resolution version is produced quickly but contains sufficient detail to establish whether or not a production version can be produced or whether further work is required.

A test airspace can be generated that is populated with aircraft and default circuits. This allows a quick evaluation of taxiing, approach, landing and take-off behaviours.

The IG allows the aircraft models, and some airfield features to be modified. Various aircraft features can be modified such as: flap positions, undercarriage, position and size of the aircraft lights. Various elements of the airfield can be modified such as: the size of the runway and taxiways lights, position of the floodlights that light the apron areas. It is also possible to set the cloud cover, visibility and precipitation factor to gauge the settings required for an exercise.

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